Documenting you and the most important parts of your life

by creating beautiful imagery that will last forever.

I love photography because its challenging, technical, exhilarating, artistic, personal, emotional, surprising, intriguing, and inspiring!

     Hello and welcome to Scott Shot Photo! My name is Scott Arpon, and I don't know where else to begin except by expressing the gratitude I have for the simple fact that you've arrived here out of all places. If you haven't seen any of my photography before today, please take some time to check out my portfolio that you can find at the top of the page where I've put together six galleries to showcase some of my personal favorite work over the years that I feel represents who I am, and how Ive grown as a person and a photographer. I am completely driven by the way photography makes me feel. I strive for the satisfaction of analyzing, composing, and building an image, then completely nailing it! I am proud of every single one of these photos that I have here to share with you. Photography started out as a fun hobby, became a passion, and now there isn't anything else in my life that has made me want to tackle a challenge and learn to improve like the art of photography.  

     I created this website because I know that I can use the skills I've developed to assist you with many of your photographic needs. Im always up for a challenge, so if you don't see your specific needs presented in my portfolio, feel free to message me through my contact page so we can discuss your ideas!